PhD Topics

It is a tough task coming up with a good topic for a PhD thesis. It not only consumes a considerable portion of a student’s life, but it also exhausts resources, time and money. That is why it is best that the right topic is chosen. Students who select topics that are beyond their scope or beyond their abilities subsequently realise that the time and resources they spent on the project have gone to waste. Rather than come to this realisation very late in the day, it is a good idea to select the right topic from the very outset.

Students should ideally know what they are good at and what they are capable of achieving. This should allow them to narrow down a list of topics from the discipline that they are involved in. They should do further research on how much work has been done on each topic so that they do not end up carrying out research on a subject on which much has already been written.

It is also essential to examine if the topic that has been chosen has good scope for carrying out a lot of research. In case it is found that not too much can be written on the topic then it will be a struggle compiling a large report, and academic boards do expect a considerable body of data when it comes to the thesis reports. Topic selection should be done in consultation with peers, professors and even family members. There is no harm in giving a little bit of extra time to topic selection. It will save people a lot of grief later.

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