PhD Admissions in India

Admissions for PhD are challenging, regardless of the field of study. In reputed universities like the Indian Institutes of Technology, the Indian Institutes of Management and Birla Institute of Technology and Science, to name a few, candidates are required to demonstrate intense passion and interest in research work, ability to carry out in depth research by himself/herself without much guidance, and a desire for innovation and new discoveries.

To be eligible for PhD programmes, candidates should have a Master's degree, preferably First Class or equivalent, with outstanding results. Some universities accept students who have completed their Bachelor's degree too. However, these students should be either toppers or have exceptional results, and possess a Bachelor's degree from a reputed university. Such students are given the privilege and opportunity to pursue a direct PhD programme, without undergoing the Master's programme.

Every university in India conducts entrance exams for candidates who are keen on pursuing a PhD programme. These entrance exams test a candidate's knowledge in a particular field. A PhD student is expected to possess a wide knowledge of a subject matter. So, through entrance exams, examiners will be able to identify candidates who are suitable to pursue further research in their respective universities.

Most of the students who pursue PhD programmes take the academic career path and become part of the teaching faculty in a university. A student pursuing a PhD should be able to disseminate knowledge if he/she possesses it. Also, it takes years to obtain a PhD degree. So, apart from entrance exams, universities also carry out personal interviews to determine if a candidate possesses the following traits: patience and the desire to learn more. A PhD student is also required to possess strong interpersonal skills for primary research and teaching purposes.

The criteria for PhD admissions are challenging, no doubt, but an academic career is rewarding. So, if you are keen on research work, making discoveries and investigations, and later, teaching those theories and concepts to future generations, a PhD path may be suitable for you.