Association of research scholars in India

There are a number of scholarly societies in India, which research students and scholars can be a part of, to advance their academic careers. One of the popular associations of research scholars in India is the Indian Research Scholars' Association for Promoting Science (IRSAPS). This is essentially a platform for research students to exchange ideas, research techniques, and enhance their understanding of scientific concepts. In India, despite having revolutionary breakthroughs in science and technology, most people are unable to enjoy the fruits of modern science. Through this platform, Indian scholars can abolish the Indian population's pain and suffering, which are a result of ignorance, social division and inequality.

The aim of any research project is to enhance lives and it is important that the findings of research papers and publications reach the masses. So, associations of research scholars such as the IRSAPS, the Agricultural Economics Research Association, the Indian Association for Social Sciences and Health, and the Entomological Research Association look into people's welfare by coming up with techniques and concepts that will make day to day activities and tasks easier and improve the lifestyles of people.

These organisations bring together research scholars across the country who are experts in a particular field of study to share their views on overcoming social barriers and obstacles. There are also associations that are affiliated to particular universities. Many research scholars, after graduating from their respective universities, pursue research jobs in the private sector. These associations will help to bring the alumni of a particular university and the current research scholars closer together to develop ideas that will impact the industry directly. One of the popular associations is the Indian Research Scholars' Association (IRSA), which is a joint platform for research scholars and alumni from Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs), Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) and other reputed universities in the country.

By sharing knowledge, mankind has benefited, which is why it is said that knowledge sharing can make a difference between survival and extinction. Buddha once said, "There is no wealth like knowledge and no poverty like ignorance." So, it is hoped that these research associations in India will help to bring light into people's lives and ultimately, eliminate poverty.